Kanye West

In 2002, when Kanye West first emerged in the rap scene he was different than the rest, sporting designer clothing and breaking the norm of oversized sportswear and baggy jeans. The self-proclaimed “slave to fashion” was bound to make a career not only in music but in fashion too.

Not afraid of criticism Kanye has stepped out in gender neutral looks, wearing a women's Celine blouse at Coachella. In doing so Kanye has broken the stereotype of the oversized masculine look that once had a firm grip on the rap scene. He has inspired a new generation of slimmer fits and given men freedom to explore fashion.

No matter how much criticism he receives it is undeniable that the man has inspired the fashion scene and he has the power to change how people dress.

Kanye's style is best descried as urban or street. Think oversized, distressed, luxury textures like fur, leather, velvet and often gender neutral.




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